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Chambre hote Chartres le Jardin

Chalmbre d'hote à Chartres le Jardin

Begin the day by enjoying the view of the traditional French formal garden. In season, roses abound and verdant green glistens with dew; the junior suite is conceived to calm the mind. Comfortable and light, the garden brings you closer to nature even while you are in the historic town centre of Chartres. The sound of the bells of the old quarter may call to mind an epoch when time was not measured by the minute.
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Chambre hote Charles V

Chalmbre d'hote à Chartres Charles V

This elegant suite on the second floor opens to both the paved courtyard and the rose garden. This apartment features a timber wall facing the entry while intimate, gentle colors will greet you in each room. The view from the bedroom reveals the garden’s elaborate design and perspectives. The dining area, living area and kitchen will make you feel right at home.

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Chambre hote Chartres Eveche

Chalmbre d'hote à Chartres l'Evêché

The house has known twists of history. This suite was at one time a private chapel, at others a reception hall. Today, the ancient and the modern are combined to offer a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere for a relaxing stay. The high ceilings, a four-poster bed and fabric covered walls: all combine to create a rare and distinctive living experience.

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